Tresolar AG

ClientTresolar AG
LocationCham ZG
CapacityDesign, planning & consulting

The office has a square-shaped floor plan and is divided into the following areas: entry space, co-working space, open space and closed space.

The entry space is generously designed and provides the visitor with a welcoming reception. The co-working space is for the staff to work in but is simultaneously conceived as a waiting area for clients. The room is clearly sectioned off from the rest of the office, providing a place to retreat to work comfortably or to stop and pause. The open space is an open-plan office area that is flexible and adaptable. The closed space situation is conceived for quiet working, for discussions or for meetings. It is acoustically shielded from the other areas and appears as an object-like “room within a room”. Various decorative elements of the photovoltaic system are integrated into the space, encouraging customers to become inspired by the theme.

The materials are selected so as to create a calm and cosy working atmosphere. The interplay of warm and cold shades of colour, of hard and soft materials, is harmoniously balanced. The anthracite-coloured ceiling acts to effectively freshen the room, while the corporate identity is very subtly showcased using the company’s colours.