Display Room, Baar

LocationBaar ZG
Capacitydesign, final planning & project leadership/site management

The showroom is clearly designed to prominently showcase the topic of cars. The spotlights can be simply and effortlessly swivelled in all directions and positioned in various places.

Particular attention is paid to the room climate. Moisture regulation and temperature settings have to meet the requirements of the luxury sports cars. A cooling ceiling, a ventilation system and floor heating combine to provide an ideal climate. The white ceiling acts to brighten the room. The floor is covered with large stone tiles in order to establish the largest possible contrast. The design scheme in understated materials allows the cars to draw full attention to themselves.

The stairs consist of a black steel construction with a stringboard out of almost 5-m-high steel plates, which serves as a handrail on the upper floor. In this way the steel plates rise from the lower level to the upper one, whilst at the same time creating a partition wall between the room and the stairs. The steps are fastened frontally with bolts, and visually they appear as if drawn out of the steel.

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