Chesa Mezdi

LocationSt. Moritz
CapacityDesign, final planning & project leadership/site management

In St. Moritz, we were allowed to convert a large flat into a cosy retreat. The deliberate use of regional materials such as stone from the Fex Valley (Fexer panels) and old wood from the Engadine distinguishes this conversion. By deconstructing the building to its shell, it was possible to redesign the room layout from scratch.

Despite the use of local craftsmanship, modern building services installations were also installed. In addition to a steam shower with starry sky, this also includes a complex lighting control system with light scenes as well as a ventilation system integrated into the old wooden ceiling. Through the conscious use of materials and colours, the interior has a balanced effect and does not lapse too much into the old-fashioned or modern.

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