ADUR Management AG

ClientADUR Management AG
LocationBaar ZG
CapacityDesign, final planning & project leadership/site management

Using acoustically sealed glazed dividing walls, the family office is split into four individual work spaces, an open office area for two people and a large meeting room for 14 people. The situating of the partitioning walls allows visitors and staff to circulate freely, while their transparency creates an open spatial atmosphere.

The chestnut wood of the sound-absorbing cooling ceiling gives a unified and closed appearance. A 20-cm-wide ribbon moulding, likewise in chestnut wood, creates a clean ceiling-wall connection, guaranteeing a calm work atmosphere.

The suspended perforated plasterboard ceiling combines visually with the parquet flooring of the outer area and the meeting room, loosening the room in a quietly playful manner. The lighting is integrated into the sequence of the acoustic elements and the building facade, providing a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The materials and colours have been meticulously chosen to generate a homely ambience.

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