African Greenland

ClientAfrican Greenland Safaris & Travel GmbH
LocationBaar ZG
CapacityDesign, final planning & project leadership/site management

The premises of the African Greenland travel agency, with its five-person team, are embellished with orange accents, mirroring the discreet corporate identity. This also serves to create an interplay and an equilibrium with the more cool and hard materials, giving the room a bright and fresh atmosphere.

The plaster ceiling is completely closed, minus any visible installation openings. This allows the clear structure of the space to be defined. The cooling system is integrated into the ceiling, creating a comfortable character. The lighting adopts the structure of the exterior facade, conveying it to the interior and providing a suitable primary illumination.

Panel curtains are used, their properties exploited to modulate the views into the office through the extensive windows. The ceiling is suspended, allowing the curtain rail installations to be hidden, which in turn visually lends the ceiling a floating appearance. A warm, rustic oak parquet forms a contrast to the cold materials, ingraining the atmosphere.

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